Wind Strike


Wind Strike is...

In Chinese Philosophy, the meaning of Wind Strike is when the body system is defficiency, this is an equivalent of pressure exterior is greater than interior hence, that attacker is able to invade the body and once entered the exterior pressure (wind) search the body and destroying living cells.

As a self defence mechanism, our body trying to resist by shutting or section of the from further attack, therefore muscle paralisis and lost of movment. In western medicine this is class as Stroke.

All listed below are all symptoms of the same causes

  • Stroke
  • Facial Droop
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • Half Body Paralysis
  • Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA)


The Wind in Chinese term is "Destructive Force", Where ever the wind strike it destroy to the area, imagine if it hit the face, at the beginning the feeling of numbness then increasing to unable to move the facial and finally cause the mouth to droop. This is early stage of Wind Strike, next it migrate further down the body start to attack the upper limb and even lower parts of the body.


Breathing - Keeping the internal pressure greater than exterior
Heat - A form of protection is created a protective barrier for the outter most layer
Circulation - Exercise regularly keep the blood circulation well and repsonse quiclker if an event of a Wind Strike


External Application
Positive - Heat oil, balm applications helps to improve circulation but this only support exterior from further attack due this is only surface such as skin and muscle level.
Negative - The wind attack already travelled deeper into the system, exterior application cannot recover further than skin deep

Internal Consumption
Positive - Tablets, Capsules or any means of orally intake can nourish the system, and improve from the root of the problems. Once improved above 50%, dosage can be reduced or even removed but recommend to continues for a longer lasting effect.
Negative - Which brand to trust and knowing which product is best for you. Overdosing is also another element need to be considered.

Supportive Formula

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