Dry Skin


What is Dry Skin?

Dry skin is a very common condition and can be anything from small patches of rough or itchy skin to Eczema.

Why do we experience Dry Skin?

We can experience dry skin due to either a lack of nutrition being delivered to the skin or a build up of toxins in the body that have not been passed through the digestive system and have instead been perfused through the skins surface.

How is dry skin treated?

There are various ways to manage dry skin.

Modern approaches to dry skin are simply to modify your washing habits and apply moisturiser on a regular basis. This only addresses the external issue and not the internal cause of why your skin is not being correctly nourished by your body.

Ayurvedic medicine will deal with dry skin with the application of oils and altering your diet to a diet suitable for your body type, a change many people are not willing to commit too.

European Tradition medicines utilise a wide variety of herbal oils like Calendula, avocado or coconut oil. African Traditional Medicines rely on a similar method using Castor oil or Aloes. These methods have the same limitation as the modern approach in that only the surface skin is treated, with no internal nourishment.

Our research has concluded with us basing our formulas upon Traditional Chinese Medicine as it has revealed itself to be the most effective method we have discovered.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, formulas are created with the goal of harmonising the entire system, rather than one of the body’s imbalances.

For example a particular formula will be focused around one primary herb that will be very effective at focusing on the targeted condition, with secondary herbs in the formula assisting the primary herb by strengthening the organs involved with the root of the condition, tertiary herbs focused on handling secondary conditions and neutralising any side effects from too much of the primary herb, and finally quaternary herbs which guide all the other herbs in the formula to where they need to go reconciling all the formula’s other herbs to work together effectively.

Imagine in your body, your organs are like cups of water in which the water flows between each cup. A condition arises when one cup is empty, or near empty, overflowing or decides to stop flowing to the next cup. Ideally all cups will be full and flowing peacefully without obstruction,but how many of us are in perfect health?
Our herbal formulas top up the cup that is most empty,while also topping up the cup that is going to flow into the empty cup and assist the flow around the system at the same time. Other herbal medicine traditions just pour everything into the empty cup which will eventually, either overflow or greedily decide to stop flowing because you are feeding it directly and it can survive without the flow from the other cups.

Why should i try your formula?

After decades of research into the healing remedies of the world, we have concluded that the Traditional Chinese medicine formulas we are providing are the most effective way to help a person restore their health.

As our formulas have helped thousands of people world wide we have decided to make them available and accessible to the public.

We are confident in our formulas but the best way for you to know for sure is to try them for yourself.

Each day you delay is an extra day before your problem goes away.

Which Formula should I use?

We advise the Kidneys Tonify Formula to assist with dry skin, this formula has proved effective on thousands of people, more information on this formula can be found Click here.

Yes, I will try this formula

Kidneys Tonify Formula