Blood Deficiency

Blood Deficiency

What is blood deficiency?

We regard any condition where the blood is lacking in nutrients or viable organelles as blood deficiency, an example of this would be anaemia.

Why blood deficiency?

The main reason for us to experience blood deficiency is that our bodies blood cell manufacturing plant is either not working or lacks the ingredients to make healthy blood.

While bone marrow plays an important part in the creation of leukocytes and the heart ensure the blood reaches its destination, the organ that is most responsible for us having healthy blood is the spleen.

The spleen governs the processing of food and the creation of new blood, the most common reason for us to be blood deficient is that we have consumed the wrong things, for example years of ingesting cold food and drinks will cause the spleen to have to heat up whats being ingested for it to be processed meaning the spleen loses heat continually leaving the spleen to cold to work efficiently.

Another example would be from someone who has avoided eating sugar for a long period of time, the body needs sweet or bland( Rice/Potatoes/pasta) foods ,sugars and carbs, as ingredients for the spleen to create healthy blood. After prolonged avoidance of these foods the body will experience frontal migraines, muscle weakness, dizziness and fatigue.

How is blood deficiency treated?

Modern medicine - addresses blood deficiency with the inclusion of iron and B12 supplementation with taken orally or intravenously in extreme cases

While this does increase the volume of blood in the body it does not address the issue of blood quality. e.g. if you fill a half full glass of water with sand , then you have increased the volume in the glass but not increased the volume of water.

Ayurveda - knows blood deficiency as Pandu as treats it with dietary alterations, most notably the inclusion of high iron green leaves such as spinach within the diet. Ayurveda also advises sugar cane, black cumin seeds and amalaki be added to the diet to rebuild the blood.

Other traditional remedies for blood deficiency also advise iron rich green leaves and a daily intake of molasses to get the spleen working again.


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