Kidneys Tonify

Kidneys Tonify

Why Kidneys Tonify?

Chinese Medicine recognises the kidneys as the organs, which store our life energy, this energy is inherited from our parents.

We are born with a set amount of Kidney energy which determines your constitution throughout life, we use this energy with every breath to function throughout our daily life, it can never be replaced only tonified, once this energy is depleted we die.

We lose large amounts of this energy anytime we are in a survival situation, every time our body releases adrenaline and with every sexual encounter kidney energy is lost.

This energy is intended to keep us alive and is passed onto our children, however in today’s world we live a less healthy lifestyle and are having children later and later in life meaning our children are being born with weaker constitutions.

Kidney deficiency has become incredibly common in today’s world.

How does it Work?

This recipe is one of the most used Chinese medicine formulas as Kidney deficiency is the root cause of many different conditions.

Unlike the body’s other organs you cannot replenish the kidney energy once it is lost, so this formula instead tonifies the kidneys so that when your body needs kidney energy it takes it from the energy given from this supplement rather than taking it directly from your own pool of energy.

This allows your body to function as though your levels of kidney energy were normal even if they are depleted and at the same time protects your energy from further depletion.


  • Rehmannia Root
  • Dogwood Fruit
  • Chinese Yam
  • Poria
  • Water Plantain Rhizome
  • Tree Peony Root Bark

Traditionally this formula has been used to help with :